Why was Steve Jobs denied a knighthood?

What does Bill Gates have and Steve Jobs doesn’t? There could be multiple answers like Apple stock or a mercurial company but, the answer we are looking for today is a Queen’s knighthood. Steve Jobs was almost there until Gordon Brown felt otherwise. Brown had some old issues to settle with Jobs and felt the knighthood to be the appropriate moment to do so. And that to me is the most funniest thing ever. I thought a knighthood was a more serious than a way to settle petty differences. It turned out be a childish: “Hey, you didn’t give me that pencil I asked for three years back, I will not give you knighthood”.

Gordon Brown apparently asked Steve Jobs for a speech, which Jobs rejected. All Jobs wanted to be associated with was iPod, iPhone and iPad, not a political party. I think that’s a great thing. Steve Jobs got his priorities right. He chose to not do something which he isn’t remotely interested in. And Brown was interested in Jobs because Jobs does things which he loves. Isn’t it ironic that the trait which brought Jobs within striking distance of knighthood is the same trait that denied him the title. Not that Steve Jobs is complaining. Life works in mysterious ways.

Jobs has bigger things to worry about. He has to get his health back and probably come back and run Apple one more time. You never know what’s in store for the world when Steve runs a company. Jobs won’t be bending on his knees before anyone now.

Even if Steve Jobs was honored with a knighthood, he wouldn’t be called as Sir Steve Jobs. Something which I didn’t know. Sir is reserved for British nationals only.

Which is cooler: I brought iPod, iPhone and iPad to the world or I was honored with knighthood?

Speaking of knighthood, shouldn’t Sachin Tendulkar be honored with too?

Via : Gizmodo, Telegraph