Apple Offers iPad Refunds in Australia Over 4G

US technology firm Apple has offered to refund Australian customers who felt misled about the 4G capabilities of the new iPad.

Apple is offering Australian iPad buyers refunds if they have felt misled with the new iPad's claim to be 4G-capable. The new iPad is not compatible with the country's 4G networks.

The country’s consumer watchdog has taken Apple to court for false advertising because the tablet computer does not work on Australia’s 4G network.

Apple’s lawyers said they were willing to publish a clarification.

However the company does not accept that it misled customers.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said on Tuesday: “Apple’s recent promotion of the new ‘iPad with wi-fi + 4G’ is misleading because it represents to Australian consumers that the product can, with a sim card, connect to a 4G mobile data network in Australia, when this is not the case.”

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