India Startup News : iimjobs, StaffonContract, Video Analytics

You can never go short on India startup news. Right now it’s a vibrant community. In the last two days three investments have caught our eye. One startup is a job board for senior level people, another is a video analytics company, and the third is an employment portal. Yes, there is no eCommerce site this time.

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Niche job portal has raised undisclosed amount from One97 Communications, India Venture Partners and few other investors. The portal is a job board for senior-level positions spanning across MBA streams. It’s sort of a LinkedIn for just the MBA’s.

The site is a side-project of Tarun Matta, who has launched it to help friends secure jobs. IIM, or the Indian Institute of Management, is the most coveted institution for acquiring a management degree in India. The jobs site seems to be deriving its name from the school.


Vishal Gondal, CEO of Indiagames, has invested Rs. 0.5 crores (US$ 98,000) in The site is a hiring marketplace for contractors and temporary employees. It can be considered a clearinghouse for IT companies and the staffing companies. IT companies can request for staffing requirements, and staffing companies respond to the demand.

There is also a section for Professionals which is the third category which doesn’t belong to the Buyer or Provider.

Proof of Performance Data Services – Video Analytics

YourNest Angel Fund, an early-stage venture capital firm, has invested Rs. 3-5 crores (US$ 0.588 to 0.981 million) in Noida based Proof of Performance Data Services ltd (POP).

The company offers insights based on analytics drawn from real-world videos. The insights are available on a cloud-based platform called Earthive (probably a portmanteau of “Earth” and “Archive”). Ok, what does the term “real-world video” mean here? It’s not YouTube. It’s the actual act of going out and shooting the video and then analyzing it.

This case-study should help :

The monitoring of entire outdoor advertising in U.P was done on behalf of our client. We covered 75 district towns of U.P in 15 days. After the data was processed we found only 698 (45%) media, whereas our client paid for 1526 media all over U.P. We also found that the media they put was not displayed as planned, which helped the client assess the shortcomings.

At many places, issues in compliance were identified. There were instances of mismatch in size ordered, issues ion location required and actual implementation. In some towns, it was found that media was concentrated on some stretches only, thereby impacting the proposed reach. The findings were presented as excel files, but the online portal had all supporting video footage of the media found, and also the footage of the routes.

The exact locations are also available online as a layer on Google Maps. The Google Map output can be demonstrated to you, when required. We would now be covering each district headquarter of other states in the country. Each media asset is being allotted a unique POP code and is being plotted on our maps.

We wish you well planned campaigns for coming year and wish to offer our services. This will ensure that while you work hard to promote your product or service, your outdoor advertisement that you have paid for, is exposed to your audience as promised and paid for, at the location where it should be, visible as it should be and free from defects. (Via)

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