Nokia to Launch Windows 8 Powered Tablets by 4Q 2012

Nokia may have been sliding in terms of market share with iOS and Android overtaking the Symbian platform. But with its new partnership with Microsoft, Nokia is likely to remain a formidable brand in smarphones with Windows Phone 7. Will Nokia also challenge the iPad with a Windows 8-powered tablet?

Sources from Asian original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) say Nokia will be releasing a 10-inch tablet by fourth quarter of 2012, reports DigiTimes. Working in partnership with Microsoft, Nokia’s tablets will run on Qualcomm’s dual-core platform, and will reportedly be manufactured by Compal.

Sources say Compal’s initial shipments will be at least 200,000 units.

Nokia’s development of Windows 8-powered tablets will involve the use of the ARM platform, which will provide Microsoft additional marketing muscle against Apple’s and Google’s own tablet platforms, which also run on ARM. Nokia producing “WoA” or Windows on ARM tablets will help prove that the platform is viable, compared with running Android on ARM, or developing Windows 8 tablets using the Intel x86 platform.

Nokia’s entry into the tablet market will likewise prove to be a challenge for other non-iPad tablet makers, especially those that develop tablet PCs using Android.