Police Made ‘Errors’ During Raid on Megaupload Boss

A police blunder could mean luxury cars, giant TVs and jewellery seized during a police raid will be returned to Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom.

Police have seized more than a dozen luxury cars owned by New Zealand's Kim Dotcom in a raid related to copyright infringement and money laundering. Other assets seized included jewelry and jet skis, although the New Zealand government admits to some "procedural errors" that may result in the return of said assets.

The property was confiscated during a dawn raid on the New Zealand home of the file-sharing site’s owner.

A New Zealand judge has now ruled that the court order used to justify the seizure should never have been granted.

The raid led to the closure of Megaupload and seizure of the web domains it used.

Judge Judith Potter said the court order should now be considered “null and void”.

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