Saavn Celebrates Meteoric Rise to 9.3M Active Users With Infographic

Saavn, digital music sharing site with a Facebook OpenGraph integration, is celebrating its 9.3 million active users with a Infographic.

Saavn — which stands for South Asian Video Network — has licensed over 200 content providers spanning 219 countries, and has over 1 million music tracks. Bollywood content is predominant, but Saavn has regional music (Tamil and Punjabi) and devotional songs, too. Saavn plans to earn its revenue through display advertising.

Regional music is a big growth market for Saavn. It currently has Tamil and Punjabi but adding other languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalayam and other languages will push Saavn even further up the usage curve.

After Saavn was selected as one of the first partner for Facebook’s OpenGraph, Saavn has added 2 million Facebook connected users to its growing subscriber base.

Some highlights

  • Active users jumped 25% since December. Now has 9.3 M active users.
  • 125,000 registrations per month.
  • 2 million hours of content streaming per month
  • 380,000 unique radio stations were created by Saavn Radio music users
  • 2 million mobile users
  • 2 million Facebook connected users

The infographic

Click for a larger version.

Saavn’s meteoric rise could be the result of three important factors: An Android app, an iOS app and Facebook OpenGraph integration. To me Facebook’s OpenGraph seems to be the biggest factor as it contributed 2 million (connected) users or 21% of the total active users. Mobile platforms (iOS and Android combined) have contributed to the same 2 million user base.

Another interesting factor for Saavn is that 42% of the Saavn user base is outside of India. That shows the strength of Indian Diaspora outside the country, which also has better access to the Internet. And that there is still growth for Indian user base to grow as more and more people are equipped with smartphones and data plans.

With the recent crackdown of music sharing sites like and India’s resolve to block 104 music sites, Saavn might just be getting started.

Has Saavn potentially converted 9 million pirates to ardent music fans legally? Saavn seems to think so.