Singapore’s Pinterest Clone: Singterest

Yup, the Pinterest wannabes will stay as close to the original as possible, so there won’t be any confusion who exactly they’re cloning. The Singterest layout and introductory text is a direct match with Pinterest, but it’s nothing new in the world of popular sites these days. Similar copycats include Rocket Internet’s Pinspire, Stylepin, Gentlemint, Minglewing, Thinng and GetVega. Localized spinoffs include India’s Pinpuff and China’s Mogujie.

Singterest, another clone for popular social networking site Pinterest

Singterest, another clone for popular social networking site Pinterest (Image: Singterest)

Google Pinterest and you get links to software for creating Pinterest clones. Such is the price of fame — reminds you of the time all the ladies wanted the Jennifer Aniston hair style.

Singterest was launched on March 20 by Colin Boyd, who tweeted his rationale behind the decision.

(10:48PM) Decided to create my own pinterest clone, no idea how it’s fund itself but that life… rock on!
(10:51PM) My version of pinterest will be based on Asia, there’s loads of cool pictures out there for Asia.
(10:56PM) Someone said you don’t make money doing as other do, but you can if you do it in a different place.
(10:57PM) My plan has changed it will now be a pinterest for Singapore only.

Right now the site looks OK, with beautiful pictures of Singapore posted by Boyd. It remains to be seen how Singaporeans react to the site. Rocket Internet founders Marc, Alexander and Oliver Samwer get a lot of negative criticism for their clones. But the brothers made a lot of money selling their copies, so Singterest’s future also lies in generating enough traffic to make it a viable product.