Tata Megapixel: Not a Camera, But a Car That Gets 100 Km Per Liter

Tata has unveiled a slick looking city car at the Geneva motorshow. Tata Megapixel is a global Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) which uses electricity as fuel for the most part and relies on gasoline to recharge the battery. Tata Megapixel can go up to  900kms on a  single tank of fuel.

How does it work?

Tata Megapixel derives much of its design elements from Tata Pixel, but Megapixel goes one better. Megapixel is powered by a Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery which can be recharged by an onboard 325 cc single-cylinder gasoline generator. The battery will power the four electric motors of the four wheels.

Megapixel has a 13 KwH battery which runs for 87 kms on the charge. Of course it can fall back on the gasoline generator to charge itself back up.

Tata Megapixel is carbon conscious and will emit 22 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

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