TripFlick Your Way Around Singapore

Tourists who want a personalized travel advisor for their Singapore trip can download TripFlick from Google Play while the app is still on a limited free release. The app provides a city guide for first time or seasoned Singapore tourists. Since TripFlick works offline, you don’t need to pay data charges or hook up to a WiFi connection to check for the nearest restaurant, hotel, museum or attraction.

TripFlick Screens

Sample TripFlick screens on a smartphone (L to R): The loading screen showing the Singapore skyline from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark pool; A sample itinerary based on your interests; A map for getting to your destination (Images: TripFlick)

TripFlick CEO Nishant Johri says the app is currently available for Singapore travellers, but will soon include popular destinations all over the world. Nishant likens the app to a mix of Lonely Planet and Tripit, but “with added intelligence.”

TripFlick helps users to plan their trip based on what they like. It generates intelligent travel itinerary that considers opening and closing hours of sights, distance, and current location of the user. Travellers get personalized recommendations of attractions and restaurants; see the route to destination on the map along with cost and mode of commuting.

Once you install the app, you can create a trip itinerary, enter the travel dates, personalize travel type (business, leisure, etc.,), pick out your interests (from antiques to theme parks), select your dining preferences and then include your accommodations.

TripFlick Personalization

The TripFlick New Trip screen on a tablet, where all the details of your trip can be laid out and customized according to your choices. Screen layout is different on smaller devices, but the same features will personalize your next visit to Singapore. (Image: TripFlick)

You can access this data and get recommendations from your smartphones whenever you need to — without going online. TripFlick can also automate your travel updates: It identifies a Wi-Fi hotspot and asks permission for sharing your details with friends or family.

Nishant identified the differences between TripFlick and travel recommendation systems like Gogobot and Wanderfly; or the categorization of places of interest by Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, Triposo and Guidepal; or the flight and travel itinerary service by Tripit and Worldmate

Several travel apps are marketed in different forms, however no system provides semantic recommendations specific to a tourist’s interest… There is an empty space in this landscape. No player exists in the area of personalization of travel information and generating context-aware smart itineraries. TripFlick does that.

As a guide for travelers who hate lugging around maps and brochures, this is the perfect companion in any smartphone. I’m looking forward to TripFlick’s other destination apps. For a taste of other apps to help you get around Singapore, head on over to our sister site’s article on 5 essential apps for Singapore travelers. You might also want to check out Blackberry’s free travel app for Indonesia.