Unleash (or Find) Your Visual Genius With Creative Finder

Get that drawing out of your personal folder and publish it online — who knows, a Finder might want to buy it? And instead of just pinning pictures you like, why not go the next step and make your own works or take pictures of the things around you? Creative Finder not only allows users to post their creative visual works, it also lets Finders (potential buyers) see your masterpiece(s). It even has a jobs listing at the bottom of the page for artists and creative types — nice touch. It’s the visual artists’ version of  Linked In.

The Creative Finder

The Creative Finder showcases beautiful and thought-provoking works from artists all over the world. (Image: Design TAXI)

Starting out in 2009, this Singapore-based company recently revamped its site for improved searching based on popularity and recent uploads. It also profiles users based on past searches to give a list of results that might be interesting for said user. Creative Finder also tracks updates in real time, so active users can watch for trends and interact with fellow active users.

Signing up to upload or search for creative original works is free, and easily shareable (taggable) in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Renren. The folks at Creative Finder also added Evernote and Pinterest buttons, to help creative professionals display their portfolio.

Creative Finder is the second of three sites that offer comprehensive news, showcase and commercial avenues for creative professionals. Design TAXI is the first of the triumvirate — established in 2003, it publishes news and articles on the “creativity profession”. The third site is The Bazaar — launched in 2010, it’s an online marketplace for artists who want to sell their works.

Our global creative network aims to inspire, promote, and empower creative professionals around the world.

When you sign up for any of the three sites, your account will be valid for Design TAXI, Creative Finder and The Bazaar. While all three offer free accounts, Creative Finder also sells PRO accounts for artists who want to upload more than the 10 works in the basic account. The site also differentiates accounts for “Finders” and “Creatives”.

For businesses and collaborators who’d like to look around, have a ‘digital collection’ of art pieces, and be inspired by members of The Creative Finder, there is now a free “Finder” account available. Within the free account, users may ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘comment’ and ‘message’ members and artworks—without a need to upload any content.

I noticed the folks at Creative Finder impishly pinned a note on a page for Windows Internet Explorer (IE) users, telling them the site looks and works better on Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It was a nice touch to rib users who insist on continuing with IE.

Creative Finder on IE