Apple Watch. Pic: AP.

Most Asian countries must wait for Apple Watch

Apple Watch. Pic: AP.

Apple Watch. Pic: AP.

With the exception of China, Hong Kong and Japan, Asia will have to wait for the Apple Watch.

Tim Cook finally unveiled the launch date for the much-anticipated Wednesday, along with prices and some interesting technical details. Apple Watch will launch in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Britain and United States on April 24, with pre-orders starting on April 10.

Apple did not provide a release date for other Asian countries, but past experience with other products indicates that we can expect a one- or two-month delay before it comes available in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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How much will it cost? The predictions were correct with the entry-level 38mm ‘Sport’ starting at US$349. Prices go up pretty sharply after that, depending on materials and band, topping out at US$1,099. This doesn’t include ‘Apple Watch Edition’, which will set you back over US$10,000.

Apple set some concerns to rest about the wearable’s battery life, promising 18 hours of ‘all-day’ usage. It also unveiled some of the native – fitness, stock tracker – and third party – WeChat, Uber, Instagram – apps that will run on the device.

Apple also unveiled some other new projects at the event, including a new thinner lighter MacBook; a new streaming service in partnership with HBO; new health apps; and new developments with Apple Pay.