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Building a Smarter Workforce with future-ready HCM software

Businesses are subject to constant change from both the outside and the inside – structural shuffles, technological advances, shifting trends, and growing workforces are just a few of the challenges faced by enterprises. To keep up with these rapid-fire advances, businesses need a comprehensive, flexible, and innovative Human Resources (HR) system that can meet both the company and its employees’ needs as the workforce grow and change. Ramco provides a future-ready HR solution to make sure a company’s demands are met by the right people, at the right time – and all the necessary information is available in a single hub.

Ramco’s HCM on Cloud solution and their Global Payroll offering has more than 450 customers across the globe. HCM on Cloud offers a dynamic approach to workplace management that is modern and agile, while still ensuring employees are engaged with the company’s activities. The solution combines automation and intuition to create an unparalleled and smooth user experience, something that is of great value in today’s modern workforce. In Ramco’s whitepaper titled ‘The Modern Workforce’, Senior HR Professional and Thought Leader Cara Reil wrote: “The employee of today is expressing their desire for freedom and fluidity in the workplace… However, the needs and expectations of these workers also vary greatly across the most generationally-diverse workforce in history.”


This shift in the mindset of today’s working population calls for an overhaul in the way businesses survey their employees and gather information. Ramco’s empsense helps companies collect employee insights to give businesses real-time information into how employees are feeling, so that leaders can make informed decisions on how to improve the work environment. Employees are also taken care of right from the start – Ramco HCM keeps track of courses, modules, and programs that are essential for the workforce, and also maintains training calendars, records participant assessments, and stores faculty and participant feedback. Its intuitive systems identify training needs by matching job requirements with an employee’s abilities, skill-set gaps, and qualifications.

Ramco aims to streamline the processes involved in day-to-day working life, including attendance tracking and leave management. Gone are the days of manual clock-ins – with Ramco HCM, employees can simply clock in via self-service access on mobile. Most recently, the system has started offering clients an option to record NFC and GPS-based time and attendance to keep track of various employees at every level. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with a workforce that is scattered across the globe, or for those who need to track employee movements in highly secure working environments. This gives employees a hassle-free method of clocking in, while providing employers with real-time, seamless accounting of attendance data for payroll processing. Ramco is also implementing conversational Chatbots, that employees are free to use as a virtual assistant to increase efficiency and improve overall employee welfare. Right from leave balance to checking package status, Ramco chatbots can be leveraged for any industry be it Aviation, Logistics or Retail.


Reputed for its unified payroll processing system, Ramco enables companies to run their entire payroll on a single platform. Some of the companies in the APAC region who trust Ramco Payroll are Panasonic, Allegis and Adecco.

Every HR professional knows that the key to running a smooth department is to plan, plan and plan – and Ramco knows this too. With their Workforce Planning, Career Planning, and Succession Planning modules, a business’ HR department feels well on top of things and can successfully take care of each and every employee to help the company reach its highest potential. Ramco’s goal is to give businesses a competitive edge by providing a speedy, agile solution that takes into consideration an evolving workforce.

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