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WATCH: Within four months, Uber’s reputation falls further down the drain

THE world’s most popular ride-hailing company Uber has been bombarded with one scandal after another.

It all started in December when its CEO Travis Kalanick joined Donald Trump’s advisory council just after the latter was elected US president the previous month.

As Kalanick faced mounting pressure to step down from the board, Uber was accused of profiteering for continuing to run during a nationwide protest of Trump’s unpopular refugee ban.

The company reportedly lost 200,000 users thanks to the viral #DeleteUber campaign.

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It was only after this that Kalanick stepped down from Trump’s advisory council, but the bad press didn’t stop there.

Shortly after, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler published an explosive blog post alleging sexual harassment within the company, as well as a cut-throat work culture which has excused the harassment.

Most recently, Kalanick was caught on film shouting at an Uber driver as he was getting out of the car.

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The driver, Fawzi Kamel, confronted Kalanick about lowering fares across several Uber services.

Kalanick lost his temper, telling Kamel off for not wanting to take responsibility for his own “bullsh*t”.

Kalanick has since apologized, but Uber has undoubtedly lost its shine, leaving the startup to the mercy of headlines such as Can Uber be saved from itself? and The Fall of House Uber.