Why your business needs a data center

WHETHER you’re a bank, an e-retailer company, or a digital entertainment provider, your customers expect you to provide them with uninterrupted, high speed, and secure service.

The rise of IoT and e-commerce, in the B2B and the B2C space means that your business is generating and storing more data, and in more often than not, needs to run analytics on that data in real-time.

In fact, the world has come to a point where maintaining server rooms in-house is just not enough. You need a specialized and tailored data center.

However, building one isn’t that simple and there are several factors to consider.

To make sure you’re doing it right, find a global specialist to help you. There are plenty of companies out there that can help you build a data center that’s right for you.

Digital Realty, for example, helps companies like IBM, Oracle, Facebook, and Uber – among many others – build and access data centers that help them keep their business (and innovation engine) running smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

The company recently bought one of its leading competitors DuPont Fabros, which also had similar high-profile clients, for about US$7.6 billion.

Tying data centers to digital transformations

Global giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are all spending billions of dollars in order to build and also outsource their data center requirements in different parts of the world – and companies like Digital Realty are partners to them – and possibly you.

Last year, Facebook spent US$750 million on building a data center in Ohio, USA. This year, Google said it intends to invest EUR250 million (US$308.36 million) to build a data center in Belgium, and another US$600 million for one near Pryor, Oklahoma, USA.

These investments not only help enterprises support the business but also provide the right environment to test, implement, and benefit from innovative solutions.

According to a Forrester Report, The Modern Data Center: Vital For Digital Transformation, the title makes the point. Digital transformation needs a strong IT infrastructure, and a robust data center is at the “center” of it.

Tech Wire Asia spoke to Digital Realty APAC CFO Krupal Raval to find out what some of today’s modern enterprises wanted and here’s what he revealed:

“National Australia Bank (NAB) sought to achieve its technology transformation goals. The company felt that partnering with a data center specialist helped it benefit from a global community of experts without the need to have these skill sets in-house. The Bank saw us as a key partner in their 10-year Total Environment Transformation program which represented a multibillion-dollar investment for the firm.

“IBM on the other hand, specialists at their craft, partnered with us to help lower latency to under 1.5 milliseconds using a new Direct Link Colo solution – which ensures minimal delays and optimal data transfers.”

In particular, using a data center that’s optimized for speed and efficiency can enable an organization’s mission to transform itself and prepare to meet changing customer needs in the digital age. To transform, start with a review of how you manage your data.