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Adobe Experience Cloud making the digital economy personal

  • New Adobe Experience Cloud innovations released to power personalization to millions in milliseconds
  • Adobe Experience Cloud now used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies
  • Asia Pacific leads the digital innovation, especially with 130 new million users arriving in the Asia Pacific.

Adobe unveiled several innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud to empower brands to make the digital economy personal. This includes enabling powerful digital experiences that can be personalized to millions in milliseconds.

Today, consumers have grown accustomed to moving their activities online. In fact, the Adobe Digital Economy Index states that e-Commerce spending is projected to surpass US $1 trillion in the U.S. alone this year.

Interestingly though, according to Simon Tate, President for Asia Pacific at Adobe, Asia Pacific leads the digital innovation, especially with 130 new million users arriving in the Asia Pacific. 59% of executives surveyed expect to extend their customer experience spending while 85% of executives expect the pace to change or continue.

However, while there has been a surge in customer acquisition through digital channels, only 25% of executives in a survey felt they had the data and insights to keep those customers. Another 83% of executives are concerned about the necessary digital skills needed.

“We have a journey issue. Customers are not staying in the journey from acquisition to the transaction,” said Tate during his session at the Adobe Summit 2022.

This is where Adobe Experience Cloud is enabling a personalization engine in the digital economy to empower businesses to engage deeply with their customers across all digital channels. These innovations empower businesses to build and deliver personalized customer experiences at scale, with accelerated content velocity, seamless customer journeys, and real-time customer data from Adobe’s enterprise-grade customer data platform (CDP), Adobe Real-Time CDP.

“Success will be defined by the ability to achieve personalization at scale. This means delivering relevant experiences in real time for every customer on every channel, both online and offline, including the immersive experiences that continue to grow in products, in a way that respects privacy and delivers value,” commented Anil Chakravarthy, President for Adobe Digital Business Experience.

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Among the innovations, announce include the ability for personalization at scale. For example, Adobe Experience Cloud applications are now powered by Adobe Experience Platform. It can transform data into real-time, unified customer profiles that can be activated to deliver personalized customer experiences through Adobe Experience Cloud applications. Other innovations include new cloud integrations.

To deliver content and experiences at the speed and scale needed in the digital economy, Adobe announced the integration of Adobe Real-Time CDP and Adobe Target, enabling brands to personalize millions of web experiences in milliseconds. New trust enhancements, including the integration of OneTrust’s consent management solution, empower businesses in highly regulated industries to safely leverage customer data to tailor experiences.

For seamless customer journeys, Adobe announced advanced AI features powered by Adobe Sensei, a new, cloud-based learning platform as well as new integrations for the creation and delivery of immersive experiences, to position brands to succeed in the metaverse. Among these innovations is the launch of the new Adobe Substance 3D Modeler in beta that makes 3D creation and sharing more accessible and powerful than ever. 

The Adobe Experience Cloud, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, is currently used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies to power customer experiences with applications focused on customer journey management, data insights and audiences, content, personalization, commerce, and marketing workflows.

More than 90% of the top 100 Adobe Experience Cloud customers use three or more applications. Among the customers included in Adobe’s announcements are BMW, The Coca-Cola Company, Epic Games, EY, General Motors, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, NVIDIA, and Real Madrid.