Guide to buying an iPad in Asia

Apple’s iPad is causing quite a buzz both online and in the real world as many people are talking about this “magical” product excitedly. On January 27, 2010, Steve Jobs announced their latest flagship product, the Apple iPad, which is a tablet-like computer developed by Apple Inc.

Analysts have placed the iPad in between a smartphone and a laptop computer, with the potential to be a netbook killer. Others are calling it a giant iPod, or a larger iPhone which you cannot make phone calls on.

The iPad is currently only available in America via their actual Apple Stores or the online Apple store. The prices of an iPad starts from US$499 for the 16GB iPad (Wi-Fi). To moderate the expected demand and ensure that more people can get an iPad, Apple is currently limiting each customer to two iPad purchases.

Based on the six iPad variants available currently, the estimated prices in Singapore dollars based on April 6, 2010 exchange rates are listed below.