Han Han’s View on Google’s Exit

Mainland writer and blogging icon Han Han wrote a piece about his view on Google’s exit from China, but his post was deleted soon after it appeared, writes Asia Sentinel.

Thanks to a commenter on Hong Kong Economic Journal forum, 凱妮, the post was copied onto the comments section on March 25, and I’ve copied it from there.

What Han Han said is demoralizing and sad but there is obviously some truth in it, and it is something that most people in the West may not be able to come to terms with or even grasp.

Regardless of the true reasons for Google’s decision to quit China, I agree with the view that Chinese netizens are the ones to lose out, on the technological as well as on the censorship front. But then if they themselves don’t care to fight for their own internet freedom, they can’t expect it to be handed over to them on a plate.

Here’s the original text in Chinese of Han Han’s post:-