The Shave Mobile: for the hairy multi-tasker

Convenience and timesaving are two features that are usually big sellers when it comes to the preferences of the modern consumer. We don’t however, usually connect those two dots when talking about cell phones and/or electric shavers.

As technology becomes more advanced and we become more dependent on our cell phones to get us through the day, cell phone companies are expanding the functions of their products to make them even more indispensable.

They have perhaps gone too far, however, as who in their in their right mind would want to shave their face with a mobile phone rather than their own personal grooming product?

China’s Shave Mobile combines the modern convenience of a cell phone with an electric razor. What this means to the modern man is that he can shave and keep in touch with family and friends simultaneously. The possibility of shaving cream entering the apparatus shouldn’t bother anyone. Or should it?