What the world is saying about Apple’s iPad?

Apple’s iPad is setting the world on fire. If its announcement caused a media frenzy, its actual launch is a global carnival. People are blogging live starting with the queues outside Apple stores to the apps queued up for the iPad.

Many tech blogs are reviewing the iPad apps as and when they come. Popular websites have already announced their apps and people are already reviewing them. Hollywood celebrities getting the latest gadget is one thing. People coming all the way from Brazil is another thing. iPad is just magical. Or is it?

Here is what the popular media thinks about the iPad :

  1. The iPad is the first personal computer. What you have is the work computer.
  2. What the iPad might have looked 21 years ago. Fast Company
  3. It’s beyond technology. It’s culture. It’s community. NY Times
  4. Apple’s iPad is the future. This is why. Gizmodo.
  5. Why the iPad will change blogging for me. Om Malik/GigaOM.
  6. iPad will rule the world -Kleiner Perkins’ John Doerr 

That’s the magical part of the iPad. As always there will be the opposite crowd. And here’s what they are saying.

  1. Today’s iPad is just a toy. – Dave Winer
  2. Why I won’t buy an iPad (and think you shouldn’t, either) Cory Doctrow (BoingBoing)
  3. Big canvas but a few quirks.  Washington Post
  4. What’s missing: 5 things iPad lacks Washington Post

The verdict is not an exact 6 to 4 but early reviews are favoring Apple’s latest contraption. It might not be magical yet but it sure opened a whole new world for users, content providers and developers.