Mobile phones are radioactive… 10 ways to use them safely

We all know mobile phones emit radiation, some more than others. And we all know that radiation can cause cancer and other afflictions.

A story in The New York Times yesterday says mobile phone use also alters brain activity. The paper outlined the very real risk mobile phones pose to our health. Based on the article, I’m listing some DOs and DON’Ts in mobile phone use.

1) Keep your phone as far away from your body as possible. This means, don’t put it in your breast or pant pocket.  Put it in your purse or use a nonmetallic belt clip. (The intensity of radiation diminishes sharply with distance, says The Times.)

2) Use a headset or earpiece or put your phone on speaker mode when talking.

3) Avoid Bluetooth-powered headsets if you can because these, too, emit radiation, albeit at lower levels.

4) If your message can be relayed in 160 characters, text it.

5) If you must put your phone to your ear, keep it as far away as possible.

6) Do not put your phone to your ear immediately after dialing. Wait till you are connected to the other party.  (This is because during the “handshake” phase, when your phone connects to the carrier, more radiation is emitted.)

7) During a conversation, tilt your phone away from your ear when talking and only bring it close to your ear when you are listening. (This is because emission of radiation is lesser when the phone is receiving than when transmitting signals.

8) Do not use your phone when in a crowded and noisy place because your tendency is to press your phone harder to your ear. Go outside.

9) Avoid using your mobile phone while (gasp) mobile. (This is because when you are moving rapidly, in a car for example, the phone   will emit bursts of radiation to connect with different signal towers.)

10) Avoid using your phone where the signal is weak. (This is because if the signal is weak, the phone will work harder, thus emit more radiation.)