SWITL robotic hand: Will the human hand become obsolete?

Japan’s love affair with anything robotic is flagrant and insatiable in all industries and walks of life. Bots are ubiquitous and come in many diverse forms. Their purpose is to enhance the living human experience in ways heretofore unimagined.

goop2 SWITL Robotic Hand: Will the Human Hand Become Obsolete?  picture

Enter the SWITL Robotic hand from the food industry machine developer, Furukawa Kikou. Originally unveiled back in October of last year, this patent-pending robotic hand is different from the others of its ilk.

The SWITL Robotic Hand is intended for use in the baking industry, particularly along production lines, as it is capable of picking up messy gooey liquids without altering their gooey shapes.

goop SWITL Robotic Hand: Will the Human Hand Become Obsolete?  picture

The problem is that this robotic hand is more capable of scooping and moving doughy products than a human hand when it comes to this messy chore.

The device uses some sort of conveyor system to automate certain parts of a bakery’s production line. It deftly handles those products that are considered too soft for human hands.

Furukawa Kikou is not revealing any details about the science behind SWITL.

Check out the video below depicting how a robotic hand works within the food preparation industry.

You may want to lend a hand, but refrain.

You can’t do it better, which is the scariest part about this new technology.


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