3rd Annual GreenTech Asia Conference Coming in May

Partnering with the leading online platform for Asia Pacific’s sustainable business community Eco-business.com, COMFORI Sdn. Bhd. will hold the GreenTech Asia conference for the third time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Effective green building technologies, management systems, operation and maintenance are the main focus of this two days conference set for May 23 and 24.

A question to ponder is this: Why green building? Commercial buildings account for a majority of total energy consumption in most developing and developed countries. It raises tons of waste and other byproducts that jeopardize the environment. The fact that infrastructure are being inefficiently built is undeniable.

As such, Asians are urged to understand how buildings use energy, water, and other resources efficiently, and therefore reducing their waste and negative impact on humans and the environment. Moreover, green building is also a trending interest in the green tech community with great focus on recycling and reducing waste.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, businesses, building management as well as households, are urged to adhere to strict policies of green building management. The event will take participants beyond “how to build” and more toward “manage the green building.”

The objective is to show the effectiveness of green building management in achieving key objectives and teh use of innovative green technologies to reduce energy consumption and cost.

The event aims to provide participants with the following concrete skills:

  • Calculate and more importantly control one’s Return on Investment (ROI) on green investments;
  • Familiarize with the standard, policy, guidelines;
  • Increase energy efficiency;
  • Manage and control building output for sustainable environment.

Also, participants will get the latest updates on existing and future green technologies. Speaking, sponsorship, partnership and delegate opportunities are still open to interested parties.