Blackberry Snooping in India? There’s an App for That

by Sriram Vadlamani

The saga of the Indian government’s need to snoop on Blackberry messages is finally coming to an end. Indian government now has the ability to snoop on Blackberry messages and RIM has done its best to help the government by setting up a facility in Mumbai.

The Indian government can now snoop on BlackBerry messages. (Photo credit: ShutterStock)

Research in Motion (RIM) was fighting a losing battle all along ever since the Indian government requested the interception facility in 2008. The need to snoop was intensified after the November 26 attack on Mumbai in 2008. The battle, which RIM lost, has ended with RIM setting up a facility in February 2012. A readily consumable format is in the offing. Who knew an app would be next?

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