Earth Hour Passes, But Everyone Forgets

People forgot to turn off their lights at 20:30 hrs of March 31 in observation of Earth Day — as a result, the earth is spinning slightly off its axis, the magnetic poles have reversed, the polar icecaps have completely melted, and greenhouse gasses have risen to their all-time high. Expect the sun to rise in the South-East, North to be South, your beachfront property a diving spot and temperatures to exceed “very unbearable” all day April 1, 2012.

The moon's orbit is now closer to the Earth, after our planet tilted 12 degrees on its axis March 31.

The moon's orbit is now closer to the Earth, after our planet tilted 12 degrees on its axis March 31. As of April 1, tidal waters will only have two levels: High Tide and Tsunami (Image: Shutterstock)

We don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but these are just some of the the latest breaking  news clips from all around the world:

Google Maps Show Pixelation of the Earth

Magnetic Poles Reversal Compromise Internet and Emails

As renowned physics professor Rhett Allain explained in his groundbreaking physics paper:

  • Gravity is probably not a 1/r2 type gravitational force. It probably is just a constant magnitude that always points towards the center.
  • There is no air, there is no gravity. But of course, we knew this already.
  • Inside the “air” or “gravity”, there is a frictional force. This force seems to be constant in magnitude but in the opposite direction as the velocity.
  • If the scale of the sling shot is the same as the scale in the Earth-based Angry Birds, then the birds are launched with a speed of about 25 m/s. This is similar to the launch speed in Earth-based Angry Birds — for which I found a launch speed of about 23 m/s.
  • Looking at the data, I have this feeling that when the bird enters the “air”, it gets a slight speed boost. I need more data on this matter, but that is what it seems like.

Please remain calm, watch the clips, read the paper and gather information on how to communicate with your family. Drink lots of water and  don’t breathe out too much — you will be contributing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Turn your GPS machines upside down because the Earth’s poles have reversed. And most importantly, have a safe day ahead.

I’ve always believed the earth has, can and will survive with or without us. The human race has dominated the earth a mere millisecond in the span of earth’s existence — and it has survived great ice ages, tectonic plate upheavals, enormous volcanic eruptions and humongous asteroids. What could we humans possibly do to it that it can’t outlast? The dinosaurs ruled the this planet way longer than our evolution, yet they were all wiped out by a rock from outer space.

With that, I don’t necessarily advocate trashing the planet just because we can — or because the earth can take it. I believe some things are beyond our control, and the earth is not something we can control — let alone “save”. So chill out folks, have a safe, uneventful Sunday, watch the Google clips again, or play Angry Birds Space.