Google Brings Art Across the World Online

Google Art, a project to bring art across the world online, has brought together 151 museums across 40 countries. The project now contains more than 30,000 high-resolution images. Students, connoisseurs and plain enthusiasts have just one destination to go to for their art needs: Google Art Project.

Google is living up to its motto of making the world’s information searchable. It isn’t limiting its efforts to Dead Sea Scrolls or putting Mandela’s works online. Bringing together the art work across 40 countries is no small feat.

Google’s Art Project has spread across the world. Asia had its presence. Google has put 17 collections or museums from Asia.  Across Asia Google has included museums and artworks. A museum each from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Philippines. Two museums from Hong Kong, six from Japan and two from India.

National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) and National Museum of Delhi are the two museums listed on Google art project from India.

These museums together lists the works of artists like Raja Ravi Varma, Rabindranath Tagore, MF Hussain, Tyeb Mehta, Shantiniketan Tryptych and many others. Of the two museums listed NGMA has a wide collection of 94 works from 71 artists. National Museum, Delhi has 142 works from 6 artists.

Google Art isn’t just a pictorial view of the painting. The project provides a museum view which is as real as it can get online. The museum view is an excellent way to browse through the collection as if you were watching it in a museum. It offers a 360 degree view. It’s just fantastic to see these images online for someone who isn’t into art. You can only imagine the reaction of the aficionados.

It wouldn’t be Google if it just stops at providing the information. Google has provided a way to personalize the experience. You can create Google+ hangouts on the site itself and discuss about the art. You can personalize even more by building your own gallery.