iHotPlate is the Latest iDevice From Apple

Apple has already invaded the home not only through personal computers, but in the entertainment scene. With Apple TV, home theater enthusiasts can stream videos straight to their TVs. Even the late ex-CEO Steve Jobs lauded TV as the next frontier for Apple. But as Apple is still trying to figure how to deal with content providers’ reluctance to partner with them for video distribution, the Cuperino, CA company is now venturing into another part of the home: the kitchen.

Apple's latest iDevice is hot, hot, hot!

Apple is launching the new iHotPlate today, April 1st, in the hopes that the iPhone and iPad craze will likewise rub off on its new kitchen division. The iHotPlate is derived from the same components used in building the new iPad, which was reportedly generating enough heat to fry an egg in some tests.

“The new iPad is so hot we were able to sell 3 million units in its first day of release alone,” says an Apple Store manager who now heads its iHotPlate division. “Because the iPad had the side benefit of generating heat, we decided to take advantage of this feature,” he adds.

This refers to the earlier reports that the new iPad ran hotter than previous models, to the point of being uncomfortable to handle.

Apple actually took cues from another popular tablet computer, which was poised to be an “iPad killer” when it launched in the U.S. market last year. “We were inspired by the Amazon Kindle Fire when we were conceptualizing the iHotPlate,” says an Apple engineer. “But this time, we improved on the idea by making it hot and on fire — literally. We’re not just kindling fire here, but we’re really heating things up.”

The new iHotPlate uses both conventional heat and convection currents to heat food. As such, it can work on both conventional kitchenware, as well as those that work through convection. Featuring a “resolutionary” touchscreen with Retina display, the iHotPlate can be controlled via multi-touch and gestures, and comes with special iOvenMitts for use when the touchscreen is generating heat through conventional means.

The iHotPlate even runs the hundreds of thousands of iOS apps from the App Store, including Angry Birds Space. And for chef wannabees who want to improve their cooking skills, the iHotPlate comes with a free download of Taito’s popular Cooking Mama app, which normally retails for US$ 6.99.

The iHotPlate is available for pre-order today, April 1st, and will be released worldwide the following week. An added benefit: you can melt a lot of Ice Cream Sandwiches with this one!