India: Cleartrip Provides Last Mile Cab Connectivity to Airport

Cleartrip has realized that getting to the airport and getting on the plane aren’t two different activities but two legs of the same activity. Cleartrip, which provides, flight, train and hotel bookings has added, what seems to be, the last mile connectivity in its service bouquet: a cab service.

(Photo Credit: ShutterStock)

Now you can book your cabs to and from airport on Cleartrip. It has tied up with Meru cabs and EasyCab to provide this service. Here’s how it works. Once you have booked your airline ticket, a new option will be available to check if you want to book a cab to the airport.

You have to provide your contact details, pick up details and your address. Once booked a confirmatory text message will be sent. The only charge you have to pay is for the cab ride. Cleartrip doesn’t charge you anything for this service.

The service is currently available in Indian cities Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

What took them so long?

My obvious question is, what took them so long? I am happy that it’s here though. I guess innovation is evolutionary.

It’s common knowledge that someone who is flying will be able to afford or need a cab ride. The service which provides the airline ride, in this case Cleartrip, is the best service to arrange for a cab ride. With the hindsight we have it sounds so simple.

Cleartrip might not gain much from this arrangement as it doesn’t charge its customers. May be the cab service will pay something for Cleartrip for some assured business. More than any of that Cleartrip is providing an experience. That’s invaluable.

There are sites which let you book cabs to the airport. Or just make a simple call to JustDial and you will be phone bombed with calls from all the cab wallahs. The facility is there and it’s convenient too. It’s just the thought of making the journey holistic that has caught my attention.