MoVend Launches WP7 Challenge

Payments solutions app developer MoVend pairs up with mobile phone manufacturer Nokia in a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) application development contest. Signing up is free and MoVend is calling on all developers in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to join and download the SDK. MoVend offers $2,000 worth of Nokia Lumia phones to developers who top the WP7 app contest by using MoVend’s in-app payments SDK.

MoVend WP7 application development contest, in partnership with Nokia. Over $2000 in prizes and signing up is free.

MoVend WP7 application development contest, in partnership with Nokia. Over $2000 in prizes and signing up is free. (Image: MoVend)

Stream Media CEO Chua Zi Yong said the event focuses on creating apps for the WP7 platform because it is gaining ground in the mobile OS field.

We are getting really good uptake with the latest Windows Phone 7 phones that are launched in recent months. We want to encourage more developers to develop WP7 apps with MoVend as it will benefit both the users (to have more quality apps) and developers (who can monetize through IAP on the platform). Some of the apps that are launched recently with us are doing really well… and we want to help developers in this region do the same.

MoVend is the flagship product of Singapore startup Stream Media, a mobile solutions development and deployment company. Stream Media Marketing Exectuive Jeremy Ee provided a bit of a background on MoVend.

MoVend provides in-app payments solutions that allows developers to activate multiple payments on Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry platforms, using just a single SDK library. Typically, developers who want to enable multiple local payments will need to integrate a lot of different SDKs provided by the different payment gateways, but MoVend streamlines this process by aggregating all these payment channels into one.

Here are more details:

Competition period     : 2 April – 15 May
Judging period           : 15 May – 23 May


Entry Requirements
Developers simply register for a free MoVend account to download the WP7 in-app payments SDK, integrate it with their app and submit the XAP file via MoVend’s online dashboard.Apps submitted will be judged by a panel from Nokia and MoVend based on Design (25%), Usability (50%) and Creativity (25%).


1st Prize    : Nokia Lumia 800 (white)
2nd Prize  : Nokia Lumia 800 (black)
3rd Prize  : Nokia Lumia 800 (blue)
2 Consolation Prizes  : Nokia Lumia 710


Interested? get over to and sign up.