Xiaomi MiOne MIUI Smartphone Sells 15,000 Units in 13 Minutes

Even if China’s Xiaomi only sold smartphones in batches every few months (or perhaps due to this practice), there is still huge demand for MiOne smartphones. Debuting in August 2011, the virally-popular phone maker Xiaomi has booked another jaw-dropping record by having 150,000 units of its MIUI-powered smartphone in just 12 minutes and 41 seconds. Xiaomi is actually limiting its smartphone online purchases given production capacity. But, the new model has sold about 1.65 million units since shipping their first batch of smartphones  in October 2011.

Buyers who have placed their order will receive their MiOne smartphones in one to three weeks. This time, ordering process went smoothly, with no hiccups or downtime, unlike with what had happened during the previous batches, as reported.

MIUI is pretty fascinating ROM, supporting a handful of themes. What’s best is that most of these look nothing like the iPhone. MIUI runs custom launchers tremendously well, while keeping the goodness of native themes availble. It’s arguably a much more polished UI than the stock Android.  This Android fork offers plenty of customization options, which makes the user experiences more enjoyable. The OS also includes built-in backup, monitoring and auto-update of apps, very user-friendly interfaces, and an excellent music app in a robust and stable package. No doubt Android enthusiasts are fond of MIUI.

Powered by a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor with 1GB RAM, Adreno 220 graphics, 4-inch LCD at FWVGA (480 x 854 pixels resolution), 8 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, interchangeable back covers (7 available, with more to come), and at 149 grams weight, the Xiaomi MiOne retails for about US$ 317. Android fans who worry about battery life will be pleased to learn that the 193 0mAh battery pack will be enough for two days of real life usage.

However, the Xiaomi MiOne is still available only in China. Well, those of us outside of China can probably have Android-sy dreams bout this rocking phone tonight.