Engineer hand using tablet, heavy automation robot arm machine in smart factory industrial with tablet real time monitoring system application

Rockwell Automation is making analytics easier for workers in manufacturing to make quicker decisions. Source: Shutterstock

Faster insights for fast moving industrial sectors

INDUSTRIAL sectors move fast. They must adhere to tight production schedules without sacrificing quality. Any deployment of automation or analytics would need to be done quickly and efficiently for the company to reap the most benefits.

Rockwell Automation aims to achieve that with an expanded FactoryTalk Analytics portfolio.

Current implementations of analytics software are time intensive and complex. It often requires specialized skillsets to design, build and test the systems, before rolling out the systems across the operations.

This is not always ideal, as factories need to make quick, informed decisions to maximize revenue and adjust production schedules. Insights on operations and production capabilities need to be available instantaneously.

FactoryTalk Analytics focuses on providing ease of use and improving productivity. Built with machine learning capabilities, the system learns the process and looks for trends in the data.

It discovers and connects data sources from edge devices, feeding it through the enterprise network. The software then analyses the gathered information to resolve issues close to the source.

This means users will get insights and predictions of potential production issues before they become apparent. Workers can thus remediate any faults almost immediately, at the source device.

“In fast-moving production environments – regardless of sector or industry – the ability to address problems and even predict future events before they cause interruption to the business is crucial,” commented Joseph Sousa, President, Asia Pacific – ‎Rockwell Automation.

FactoryTalk Analytics comes with internet-like search capabilities, allowing users to sieve through production data much quicker. Paired with self-serve drill-down capabilities, the system gives quick and detailed information. This allows users to make decisions quickly with easy to access, readily available data.

All this helps reduce the complexity of operations environment, especially for workers on the ground in manufacturing and production. Hosted in Microsoft Azure, Rockwell Automation takes advantage of the cloud to deliver a seamless solution for IoT. Cloud helps reduce siloed infrastructures that are widely found in industrial settings.

“For a fast-growth region like Asia Pacific, the advanced FactoryTalk analytics environment will be critical in allowing users to solve problems, drive tangible business outcomes and above all, remain competitive,” Sousa adds.