Technology can address many of the pain-points associated with office meetings. Source: Shutterstock

How digital flipcharts are taking the pain out of the office meeting

WE are probably all too familiar with the pain of inefficient meetings. Sifting through mountains of colored post-it notes to find that genius idea; running out of paper when brain-storming; shouting “don’t erase that!” as someone proceeds to rub out your notes, and frantically trying to take minutes while also staying involved in the discussion.

Fortunately, we are now seeing the introduction of digital flipcharts such as Samsung Flip.

The product? An innovative digital flipchart solution that proposes to turn meeting culture on its head.

(L to R) Wong Man Ngee, DIrector of Enterprise Business, IT Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics
Nick Foong, Founder, Nu Infinity, Yoonsoo Kim, President, Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Alex Lee, Director, Nu Infinity,
Austin Park, Business Director, CE Enterprise Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics. Source: Tech Wire Asia

Meeting mobility

Modern office culture often involves impromptu meetings where workers gather in any available space. Because of this, the need for collaborative technology that is easy and quick to use is becoming a necessity.

New-age digital flipcharts make it easy to bring to meetings wherever they may occur.

“In today’s day and age, many companies are embracing open-plan office environments where meetings are more likely to occur spontaneously rather than in meeting rooms.”

“With this in mind, we are introducing the Samsung Flip to take digital collaboration to a new level with superior mobility and usability features that foster a creative, collaborative and productive business environment,” explained Yoonsoo Kim, president of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Facilitates a culture of collaboration

With the Samsung Flip, all voices and ideas are heard. The product allows simultaneous multi-user engagement, allowing up to four participants to introduce content at the same time using either their fingers or a dual-sided pen.

Users can also customize their writing style, size, and color to ensure that notes can be attributed to an individual. Need to erase something? Forget searching for that board-eraser; a swipe of the hand will do!

Samsung Flip offers many interactive components to ensure easy and fun collaboration. Source: Samsung Malaysia

Adding to the interactivity of the digital flipchart, the product contains an integrated screen-sharing functionality. Users are able to connect their PC and Android phones to showcase and share ideas, without interruption or reduced visual quality.

Comfortable and customizable creativity

Long are the days of rummaging through endless piles of paper to find a specific discussion point- Flip offers an embedded search functionality within up to 20 digital Flip pages.

Each Flip display is customizable and able to configure to either portrait or landscape orientations to adapt to unique meeting needs.

Secure and convenient wrap-up

As the meeting comes to a close, you can ensure that your content is securely stored in a central database- saving a whole lot of time usually spent on recapping the meeting or transcribing the notes.

Moreover, the Flip encompasses a password-based protection system, ensuring only approved users can get access to the information.

Those users who have permission to access the content can then choose to download and share the information via email, in print, or via a USB drive.