Hiring? Use technology to create positive candidate experiences. Source: Shutterstock

Hiring? Use technology to create positive candidate experiences. Source: Shutterstock

Can technology help create positive candidate experiences?

HIRING in today’s world is very much candidate driven, and job-seekers, especially the talented ones, have the upper hand when it comes to picking and choosing the company they want to work for.

And as attracting top talents is a strategic imperative for any successful business, companies should deploy every recruitment tool in their arsenal to make themselves the preferred choice. But perhaps more importantly, companies need to think about providing a positive interview experience to candidates.

Doing so will not just impress potential candidates, but also establish a pipeline of quality candidates via referrals and brand recognition. This will then increase an organization’s competitiveness, as companies that hire the best, often perform the best.

Furthermore, the advent of digital technology has made it easier for recruiters and HR teams everywhere to provide applicants with an enhanced, engaging, and positive interview process.

HR tech solutions, such as human capital management tools and social media have enabled companies to not only efficiently process job applications but also wow candidates to create a long-lasting impression.

Here are four things you HR managers and recruiter could do to improve candidate experience and boost the chances of landing the best candidate to fill their positions;

#1 | Maintain continuous communication

Job seekers often complain about communication black holes that usually develops during a recruitment journey which should be avoided.

Recruiters should maintain a constant stream of communication with the candidates, updating them with the different stages of the process, every step of the way.

Social media platform such as LinkedIn will come in handy for this purpose, whereby the communication could be business-like in tone while at the same time, somewhat informal.

#2 | Personalize your correspondence

No one likes mass, boilerplate emails without any personal touch. But at the same time, sending individual emails to every candidate that walk through the door could be time-consuming.

But many digital tools can help HR managers generate customized emails and messages that could keep candidates in the loop, without spending too much time and resources.

Further, companies should make it a point to inform the candidate quickly, when a decision is made, as they could move on focus on other options that they may have lined up.

#3 | Streamline the application process

Far too often, candidates are clueless as to what is the next step of their interview process or what to expect or prepare. And thus, it helps to have a streamlined interview process that is both intuitive and simples.

Companies can achieve this by deploying robust HCM software that tracks and engage with potential candidates. With automated reminders and briefing delivered on time, candidates will be better prepared and will note left in the dark.

#4 | Keep feedback channels open

Candidates are generally appreciative of receiving immediate feedback on how they did in an interview process, specifically if they are at the advanced stages. Thus, it is only fair to give them constructive feedback that could help them prepare for the next part of the process.

At the same time, HR managers should also be open to receiving feedback from applicants, and send out survey forms to get an idea on how the interview process was for the candidates.

The insights could then be used to improve the current process to make the candidate experience even better.