Jakarta 3 Data Center . (Source – NTT)

NTT develops data center in Indonesia and Vietnam

  • NTT has opened its newest and largest data center in Indonesia. 
  • The  Jakarta 3 Data Center offers an expandable capacity that is designed to meet the requirements of hyperscalers and high-end enterprises.
  • In Vietnam, NTT Quang Dung Technology Distribution Joint Stock Company to construct the new “Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center”, expected to be launched in 2024. 

The data center industry in ASEAN is currently experiencing its fastest growth. Over the last couple of months, several tech companies have not only launched new data centers in the region but also announced plans to build more data centers to cater to the market demand.

According to a study by Arizton, the ASEAN data center market size is the fastest data center market in the world and is expected to reach US$ 12.34 billion by 2027. The expansion is driven mainly by increased cloud adoption, the advent of 5G, and the adoption of advanced technology such as AI, big data, and IoT.

The region is also witnessing increased investments from colocation and hyperscale operators. In 2021, some major colocation data center operators in the region included Equinix, Keppel Data Centres, Bridge Data Centres, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres, Digital Realty, DCI Indonesia, and Big Data Exchange, among others.

In Indonesia, NTT has opened its newest and largest data center in the country. The new Jakarta 3 Data Center offers an expandable capacity that is designed to meet the requirements of hyperscalers and high-end enterprises to support the growing digital economy in Indonesia.

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Jakarta 3 Data Center . (Source – NTT)

Compared to other countries in ASEAN, Indonesia’s digital traffic has increased exponentially faster as a result of the surge in electronic transactions, systems, and digital content during the global pandemic. When combined with the rapid growth of startup companies and the ever-increasing population, this increases the demand for hyperscale data centers.

According to Mizuho Tada, President Director, NTT Ltd. Indonesia, the Jakarta 3 Data Center will accommodate the needs of clients, particularly cloud service providers and the financial industry, which require flexible facility designs to help them achieve their business objectives. He explained that NTT Indonesia already offers the Jakarta 2 Data Center, which attracts many services and content providers, and we can provide our local network services to and from our newly built Jakarta 3 Data Center.

“NTT views the Asia Pacific as a key region, and Indonesia has become a strategic location with the new APRICOT submarine cable system. Jakarta 3 Data Center will drive business opportunities in Asia through the upcoming APRICOT cable system that will be operational in 2024, linking all our large-scale data centers in the region. Our continued commitment to Indonesia will help position NTT as a technologically innovative leader to address the industries of the future,” commented Masaaki Moribayashi, President and Board Director for NTT Ltd.

The four-story data center has a 15.2 MW capacity of critical IT load and will grow to 45MW. It boasts a Tier IV ready compact and modular design to provide clients with flexible and scalable power. Its cooling wall system is the first of its kind, offering optimum power efficiency and cost-effective cooling to support high density up to 15kW/rack.

The data center footprint expansion in Indonesia is part of the ongoing growth strategy by NTT’s Global Data Centers division, which operates one of the largest data center platforms in the world. Apart from Indonesia, NTT has also announced plans to build a data center in Vietnam.

From Indonesia to Vietnam, NTT is spreading its data center reach

In Vietnam, NTT and Quang Dung Technology Distribution Joint Stock Company (QD.TEK) will construct the new “Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center” to be launched in 2024 in response to demand for data centers in the country. Already providing services in Hanoi, NTT will now develop its service location in the southern city of Ho Chi Minh City, which is said to be the center of the Vietnamese economy and is home to many multinational companies.

As one of the fastest economic growing countries in Asia, the expansion of cloud computing and fintech businesses is anticipated as a result of the growing demand for cloud services in the Covid-19 situation, the Vietnamese government’s e-government initiatives, as well as the promotion of the use of e-money.

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Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center. (Source – NTT)

By leveraging both companies’ strengths, NTT and QD.TEK will be able to provide full-stack, full-lifecycle ICT solutions and continue to promote socially significant initiatives that will lead to the development of digital infrastructure in Vietnam.

Yasuo Suzuki, CEO of NTT Global Data Centers Corporation commented, “Ho Chi Minh City is a promising market and huge potential to grow. NTT already has a strong presence and heritage here in HCMC, and Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center along with a partnership with QD.TEK will mark a new chapter for us to better serve all of our clients and achieve their business goals through DX.”

The new data center will be located in the Saigon Hi-Tech Park, a well-developed IT infrastructure in a highly accessible area 15 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, a center of IT and financial services. Service provision is scheduled to commence in 2024.

The five-story building will provide a total of 6MW of critical IT load capacity for IT equipment to 3,100m2 (equivalent to 1,200 racks) of server rooms. With redundant power, air-conditioning, communication facilities, disaster countermeasures, and extensive security, the new data center will provide stable and high-availability services, based on the rigorous facility design to meet the Tier III standards for data centers that NTT has cultivated over the years on a global scale.