India tops for spam, China tops for cyber attacks


India is the top originator of spam in Asia-Pacific and Japan regions. It’s the third highest originator in the world. India is ranked second with 16 percent for the origin of web-based attacks. China topped with 37 percent in web-based attacks.

India contributes to 21 percent of the spam in Asia and 4 percent to the worldwide volume. 88 percent of all email is spam. 28 percent of Asia’s spam bots are in India, which is 6 percent of the world’s spam bots. Social networking sites have helped the phishers and spammers to engineer attacks.

All of this is attributed to the Internet usage in India which surged by 20 percent from 2008. India surged to fifth spot in malicious activity in 2009 from 11th spot in 2008.

Indian cities and the percentage of bot-infected computers :

  1. Mumbai – 50 percent
  2. Delhi – 13 percent
  3. Hyderabad – 7 percent
  4. Bangalore – 6 percent
  5. Kochi – 5 percent (This looks like an unlikely city to be in the list)
  6. Chennai – 4 percent
  7. Pune – 3 percent
  8. Ahmedabad – 2 percent (Source)

Coincidentally India and China host one-third of the world’s population. Does population have anything to do with spam?