Yahoo Buys ‘Asian Foursquare’ Koprol

Yahoo made big news Wednesday with a number of announcements, from an Asia-centric viewpoint the purchase of Koprol, referred to as Asia’s Foursquare, is of greatest interest.

Koprol is, as the label suggests, a geo-location mobile service based in Indonesia. Ironically rumours of Yahoo attempting to buy Foursquare itself have been rife in the last week or so.

On Koprol and its service see extracts from Information Week:

Koprol enables people with mobile phones to find and read reviews of local businesses. In addition, users can see the location of others, what they are doing and start or join discussions based on particular places.

More from the Koprol website:

Koprol is designed for people in Asian cities. It has a well-moderated database of places. It works on any phone browser and doesn’t require GPS.

While TechCrunch looks at the mutual compatibility of the two companies.

On the surface, this purchase seems to make sense with Yahoo’s apparent direction. With the Nokia deal in place, they seem to be going after emerging markets, such as Indonesia. And it’s a web app, so a smartphone isn’t needed.

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