Baidu Releases Changhong H5108 Low-Cost Smartphone

Baidu, China’s search giant, has announced the launch of its first smartphone.

The Changhong H5108 is the Chinese search giant Baidu's first foray into the low-cost smartphone market. (Photo credit: Baidu)

It is the firm’s first move into the mass smartphone market.

Built by Foxconn, the low-cost Changhong H5018 is powered by Baidu’s own mobile operating system, Cloud.

Analysts say it is extremely important for the company to secure significant presence in the booming mobile industry in China, which has the largest number of smartphone users in the world.

The phone will be the first mobile device to run on Baidu’s Cloud Smart terminal platform and will come with 100GB of cloud storage on Wangpan, the local equivalent of Dropbox and Google Drive.

With a price tag of less than 1,000 yuan ($158), it will face fierce competition at the Chinese low-end smartphone market.

Customers currently have a choice between low-cost handsets made by firms such as Huawei Technologies, ZTE Corp, HTC, Lenovo and Xiaomi.

But Baidu’s director of international communications, Kaiser Kuo, said he believed that H5018 would do well.

“It’s a terrific market opportunity for us, and Baidu is constantly adjusting, understanding what users are interested in,” Mr Kuo told BBC News.

“The new handset is integrated with the cloud – and with our 100GB offering, I think that no one will be able to match that.”

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