Chinese Authorities Arrest Suspected Identity Thieves in Continuing Crackdown on Cybercrime

Beijing authorities have arrested 160 individuals on charges of stealing personal information, according to the Chinese news site Sina.

In this file photo, a computer user is silhouetted with a row of computer monitors at an Internet cafe in northern China. Chinese authorities have arrested individuals suspected of being involved in online ID theft. (AP)

Police have also shut down 13 online platforms that were alleged to have traded in stolen personal information.

It follows the arrest of 1,700 suspects in China on similar charges last month.

The raids are part of an ongoing crackdown on online identity theft in the country.

In a co-ordinated raid, 400 police honed in on 10 districts including Dongcheng, Xicheng and Chaoyang to make the arrests.

The suspects are believed to have registered fake commercial consultancies and legal affairs research firms.

They are also accused of illegally using professional spying equipment to obtain large volumes of personal and company information.

It is claimed the details were then sold for a profit.

Via BBC News.