Dhingana, India’s Spotify, Celebrates 10.5 Million Active Users with an Infographic

When it comes to inspiration, Dhingana didn’t have to look very far. First off, its service follows the likes of Pandora and Spotify. It also has a Facebook Social Graph integration. Dhingana even has the same revenue model as that of Pandora and Spotify. Now it is celebrating 10.5 million active users with an infographic.

Yeah, well that’s inspired too. Saavn, another player in the same market and in the same space, has celebrated its 9.3 Million active users with an infographic. That’s where the similarities end, though.

Dhingana has signed up more than 300 labels to stream their music legally, which is a big deal for the company as India’s music industry isn’t easily convinced. With the growth of smartphones and the rise of mobile Internet, which is becoming less patchy, Dhingana (and even Saavn) has the potential to kill off piracy.

In fact, services like Dhingana and Saavn are what the industry really needs — not John Doe orders. Bollywood should probably invest in services like these to keep the pirates at bay.

Getting back to Dhingana, it now has 10.5 million active users and is signing up 200,000 users every month. Dhingana has apps across all platforms (iOS, Android,  Nokia and Blackberry), which is pushing its mobile app downloads a lot. One app is downloaded every nine seconds.

While Dhingana gets much of its traffic from India, it is gaining equal interest from countries like the US and Australia.

Dhingana which took a first round of funding in 2011 hopes to break-even in 2014. Killing piracy or not, looks like online music apps are here to stay.

Check out Dhingana’s infographic: