Green Ship Technology Asia Set for September

A shipping-related green technology event will be held in Singapore from September 25 to 27 entitled the Green Ship Technology Asia Conference. The aim is to deliver updates on commercial, operational, and technical developments on maritime and transport industries.

File photo of a coaster in Shanghai port. Shanghai has overtaken Singapore as the world's busiest container port in 2010. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

The event will start with a full-day seminar on Understanding EEDI and SEEMP with the other days set for the main event. Green Ship’s focus is on ensuring eco-friendly shipping activities to address challenges posed by climate change and this industry’s impact on the environment.

Attendees will benefit from well-researched programs delivered by speakers who are leaders in their field. The event, of course, is structurally designed so event participants can easily network with each other. Refreshment breaks, lunches, drink receptions and business-card exchanges are all part of the activity, which enables participants to meet and greet fellow attendees and possibility plan business deals. A LinkedIn group was created to facilitate further discussion and networking sessions after the event.

Green Ship will bring at least 50 expert speakers, including ship owners and senior operators. Key topics delivered are green shipping initiatives in Asia, shipper perspectives for supply chain transparency, energy efficiency strategies and cost saving programs, guidelines for ballast water sampling, hull management, hull bio-fouling and regulatory changes, and other essential environmental issues.

A set of discussions have been set up. First, the possibilities of life-cycle sustainable shipping, ballast water management implementation and deployment of abatement technologies to meet emission control targets. Second will involve how shipping companies can devise strategies and technical solutions to resolve the current environmental challenges. Third will include exclusive problem-solving panel discussions only for stakeholders. Fourth, will involve meeting current and future regulatory requirements with deadlines and realistic budgets. Fifth will include an evaluation of best technical solutions for shipowners’ fleets.

Take a peek at the organizer website for registration and more information.