K-Pop Says Hello To Facebook

Korean Pop now has an official home on Facebook. Initiated by independent Korean music label SM Entertainment, the Facebook fan page gives fans easy access to their favorite artists. In less than a week since its announcement, the page already has more than 60 photos, more than 38,000 likes and attained about 50,000 users talking about it.

The official page officially launched last April 25, and aims to deliver regular updates on the latest K-Pop news and content in bilingual mode: Korean and English. Each post comes in both languages at the same time. K-Pop’s presence in the recently publicly-listed company has complemented their availability in other popular social media and app stores such as Twitter, iTunes, YouTube, and extended their international reach as well as the exposure.

To date, the Gayo genre that consists dance, hip hop, rock, R&B, pop and techno, has gained its subculture popularity among teenagers and adults in China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Based on Likes received, the top three most popular bands are Super Junior (4,647,725), Girls’ Generation (3,170,492) and BIGBANG (2,992,214).

SuJu, who has just recently held their Jakarta concert last month with 17,000 ticket sold out, was ranked as the number one as a Twitter worldwide trending tropic two years ago. Particularly, boy band fans from Indonesia have been identified as the source of a spike in tweets on the topic with their online participation.

And as a result, interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers has widely spread. Not only that, Korean pop culture has risen in popularity among global pop fans. It’s commonly known as Korean Wave — “Hallyu” in Korean — with TV drama series such as Winter Sonata in 2002 and 2004’s Full House in those early days as it starts.

After reading this piece, don’t be shy. Feel free to explore the official page, get one of their latest albums, or even start listening to Sorry, Sorry, and … dance!