Mobile Web to Overtake Desktop Access in India by 2013

Mobile is gaining ground as the preferred means to access the Internet in emerging economies. In India, access through smartphones and other Web-connected devices will surpass fixed-line access by end of 2012, reports say.

(Photo credit: Shutterstock)

India’s mobile Web usage is just under 50% as of 2nd quarter of 2012, according to figures released by Statcounter. Meanwhile, wired access is steeply falling. has observed that the trend is interesting, because the rest of the world is likewise seeing a rise in mobile access and a fall in wired access, but not as steeply as in India.

This could be due to ease of access. “Very few Indians have access¬†to internet through Desktop PCs or Laptops,” says Arun Prahudesai. In contrast, mobile access has become a cost-effective means of going online.

Jon Russell adds that the cost of laying out broadband infrastructure in the rural areas has become prohibitive. As such, mobile access has become the preferred mode of going online in emerging markets. “4G offers the potential to¬†increase Internet access and provide a better, faster user experience, once more compatible handsets are active in the market.”

The same trend can likewise be seen in other countries, like China, where 38% of users access the Internet through mobile devices. Given the rise in smartphone sales worldwide, this is a trend that telecommunication companies and other stakeholders should consider when setting up online apps and services.