Sify Videomeet Offers Personal Telepresence for Enterprises at Rs. 3 Per Minute

Sify has launched Sify Videomeet in India, in collaboration with Vidyo. The service will provide a software based telepresence for quality video-conferencing without using any expensive hardware. The service will be powered by Vidyo’s technology and will cost less than Rs. 3 (US$ 0.05) per minute. Sify-Vidyo’s Videomeet would work on any video conferencing capable device like a smartphone or an iPad.

Vidyo offers telepresence services that enable enterprise and individual users to video-conference for Rs. 3 per minute. (Image credit: Vidyo))

Vidyo is a fast rising videoconferencing software provider that recently signed up Juniper Networks as an investors as a part of a Series D funding. Vidyo’s other investors include QuestMark Partners, Menlo Ventures, Rho Ventures, Star Ventures and Four Rivers Group. Vidyo has raised a funding of US$ 100 million so far. Vidyo has OEM agreements with Ricoh, Google and Hitachi.

Vidyo provides a software-based telepresence-quality video conferencing using its patented VidyoRouter architecture. Vidyo has recently passed several tests to become the approved provider of products for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Vidyo has also released an iPhone 4S app called VidyoMobile which allows videoconfernging with up to 100 participants, and has the ability to display four participants on a single screen.

Vidyo’s partnership with Sify could probably be a distribution partnership where Sify’s India presence would help Vidyo gain greater reach. The Rs. 3 per minute cost seems to be perfect for the target audience. Small and emerging business and enterprises that cannot afford expensive options like Cisco’s Telepresence can invest in Vidyo’s solutions.

India has had 3G services for a while, and is getting a taste of 4G LTE services. The country, therefore, has the bandwidth to support services like Vidyo. Video is certainly exploring the right platform at this time. Smartphone and tablet sales are surging, and mobile broadband is expanding. Yet another factor which might help Sify-Vidyo’s cause is the rising fuel prices. India has just increased its petrol price per liter by 10%. With solutions like Vidyo, businesses can use video-confering solutions and avoid unnecessary travel.