Startup Genome Releases Investor Compass

The boffins behind the study that placed Singapore in the top 10 Best Startup Ecosystems are now offering a database on the startup industry called the Investor Compass. This dashboard helps investors track their startups and investments, gives advisors a clearer picture of the startup ecosystem and offers service providers more relevant market information.

Investor Compass

Investor Compass provides detailed analyses of thousands of startup companies so angel investors won't get lost muddling through the quagmire of startup investment. (Image: Investor Compass)

The Investor Compass leverages the Startup Genome methodology and database of more than 17,000 business to augment the dashboard data, including color coded benchmarks for every startup’s KPIs, a risk assessment for premature scaling and dozens of red flag due diligence tests… This augmented view of a portfolio’s performance enables investors and advisors to quickly see who is doing well and who isn’t, and then decide what actions they need to take.

The booming startup industry means more companies for investors to leaf through, and some good startups may be overlooked. Statistically, 90% of startups fail — Startup Genome’s Startup Compass studied the whys and the wherefores, so choosing the right investment becomes ever more important.

Investor Compass collates all the survey information garnered through Startup Compass and automates the due diligence process, delivering vital details such as company size, startup stage, revenues, number of users, profitability and team size. The wealth of easy-to-digest-data gives beginner investors the insight of experienced investors, while giving veteran investors more time for analyzing additional opportunities.

The Startup Genome team are not resting on their laurels: they will apply conventional financial models to startups when said companies have stabilized after scaling up their businesses; they plan to integrate with software application startups through the Clouds; they are inviting more entrepreneurs to link up with their study; and they are accepting more investors and partners into the Startup Compass study and the Investor Compass program.

These boffins know how to roll with the punches and evolve with ever-changing technology. They will provide a vital link between entrepreneurs and investors — using Investor Compass as guide, preliminary analyst and tracker. Only the most sorry startups and investors will get lost along the way.