Tablets to Overtake Smartphones in Mobile Web Access by 2013

The market for tablet computers is growing. According to a study by Adobe Systems, web traffic from tablet computers will exceed that of smartphones by 2013, and comprise 10% of all web traffic by 2014.

Tablets will outpace smartphones in web access by 2013, and will comprise 10% of all web traffic by 2014, says Adobe.(Photo credit: Shutterstock)

The Adobe Digital Index has found out that traffic from tablet computers is growing at a rate far exceeding smartphones, and that web access from these devices will exceed smartphones by 2013. The study has likewise determined that consumers find access from tablets as engaging as on PCs.

“As businesses rethink their digital experiences to include mobile strategies, tablets are emerging as the consumer device of choice,” said Adobe Systems’ senior vice president and general manager for Digital Marketing Business Brad Rencher. Given consumer demand, marketing executives are advised to “take a mobile first approach to optimize their digital content and marketing initiatives with a focus on the tablet experience.”

The Adobe study has determined that tablet access to web content grew about 10 times faster than smartphone access from 2009 to 2010. Web traffic from tablets grew 300% in 2011 alone. Apart from exceeding smartphone traffic, tablets will likewise comprise 10% of the total web traffic by 2104.

As of Q1 2012, tablets already account for 4.3% of web access, while smartphones have 6.1% share.

The Adobe Digital Index, released earlier this year, studied 23 billion visits to websites owned by 325 companies in various regions in the world. In Asia, these included China, India, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.