Snapchat is paving the way for businesses to turn any subject or location into engaging content. Source: AFP

Snapchat is paving the way for businesses to turn any subject or location into engaging content. Source: AFP

How Snapchat’s AR technology can add real CX value virtually

SNAPCHAT plays an essential role in the rise of augmented reality (AR). After all, its users comprise the largest AR community right now.

The technology has also made inroads into other popular social networks, making digital and physical quite seamless.

This opens up more opportunities for marketers to create interactive experiences for their audience. Hence, adding real business value via virtual means.

At Snap Inc.’s first annual Partner Summit, its CEO Evan Spiegel introduced new AR innovations including Scan, AR Bar, and Landmarkers.

The interactive AR features will help establishments reinvent their customer experience (CX) journey as well as keep the businesses relevant.

Scanning opens up new doors

AR technology enables a digital overlay of brand data, such as images, sound, and text onto real-life experiences.

Now, businesses can use the Scan feature to not only present information about products but also provide actionable steps.

For example, retail storefronts usually look the same as they are restricted by architectural constraints. However, AR lenses can make storefronts a unique experience to attract walk-in customers.

In other words, AR technology allows businesses to reveal more brand information and engage with users in a way that was previously impossible.

AR can make content engaging in retail, entertainment facilities, and even on the streets.

Further, businesses can customize the AR experience with Snapchat’s AR Bar by leveraging realities of individual users, providing even higher engagement.

A whole new world through Landmarkers

Snapchat became viral because it allowed users to see themselves and people around them differently through Snapchat filters.

Now, Landmarkers are about to do the same for brands. The way AR technology is used in this will help brands reimagine the canvas of their marketing initiatives.

It will give marketers more room to innovate as they reimagine what the CX is through AR lenses.

For instance, the opening of a new boba outlet in Taiwan is gaining a fair bit of publicity as a result of a customized boba-themed AR lens.

This use of AR will help businesses reach out to anyone with Snapchat that is within view of the landmark.

To sum, AR is quickly becoming more widely used as it can turn any subject or location into engaging content.

While the features are fresh, it is the perfect way to make the CX more memorable to the audience.