IBM India is providing 11 of its cloud-based solutions for free to help enterprises during a trying remote working phase.

IBM India is providing 11 of its cloud-based solutions for free to help enterprises during a trying remote working phase. Source: AFP

IBM India urges enterprises to embrace cloud-based remote working post-COVID

India is currently undergoing one of the largest mass lockdowns of a country in history, with extremely limited mobility for individuals, and extensive closures affecting most industries.

While many major enterprises in the country had some business continuity plans in motion, the scale of the lockdown required in the country has tested the capacities of even the most prepared organizations.

IBM India has highlighted the ongoing adaptations being made in many sectors that have seen a major shift towards remote working regiments for large numbers of staff – and says that moving forward, companies, governments, and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) should all fully embrace cloud-based support systems along with their remote working strategies.

“The most adaptable, resilient businesses tap into cloud-based work environments that support distributed, ‘work anywhere’ teams without sacrificing efficiency, security, productivity, or quality,” Vikas Arora, the VP of Cloud and Cognitive Software and Services for IBM India and South Asia, told independent news agency Indo-Asian News Service.

“They need to keep their businesses running smoothly till things return to normalcy. And, as they do that they need to plan for continued growth, resilience, stability, and security.”

Dedicated cloud and hybrid cloud is helping to support a wide range of remote working processes at the moment, including file sharing, interoffice communication platforms, content management platforms, videoconferencing, and many more applications.

This includes a whole range of software programs such as accounting, human resources, and sales management software among others – AKA many of the solutions that keep employees operating as if they never the office.

“Similarly, remote developers continue writing code and building applications in cloud-supported containerized environments, while AI-backed internal and customer-facing applications keep humming along because they are built and managed in the cloud,” Arora stated.

With such high usage demands required at a rapid rate for a large quantity of users, network latency can degrade at just the time when cloud productivity demands are highest.

Of course, IBM has a lot of new business to gain here, and contends it will help companies with a “seamless transition to remote business with the assurance of security and agility, while providing digital services for mobility, virtualization, collaboration, and support.”

IBM Cloud is aiding this transition by offering – like several other companies during this pandemic season – a free suite of eleven cloud service offerings to help businesses and associations that includes AI, remote learning, cybersecurity, and other complementary enhancements through IBM’s public cloud network.

“For example, for 90 days, free of charge, we’re offering companies the ability to build virtual server configurations; providing access to our cloud service for high-speed file sharing and team collaboration;” continued Arora. “IBM Garage Methodology to remotely help with Design Thinking to address their emerging business requirements during this time and addressing critical security needs.”

Enterprises can further enable their entire DevOps infrastructure on IBM public cloud, ensuring development can remain functional during this lockdown period.