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Back in action – SolarWinds all set to go in APAC

For most organizations, a data breach would normally not only mark a huge financial loss but also a loss of confidence from current and potential customers. In fact, several organizations have reported more losses from the impact of a data breach as compared to the cost of the hack itself.

For SolarWinds, it has been an interesting journey for them. The whole world is aware of the state-sponsored cyberattack on the IT management company. Dubbed one of the biggest hacks in the history of the US, the cyber attack at the end of 2019 and early 2020 penetrated thousands of organizations globally including multiple parts of the US government, which led to a series of data breaches.

Fast forward to the present, SolarWinds remains the top network management company in the world, according to IDC. It is also highly ranked by IDC for its network performance monitoring and diagnostics as well as its ITOM performance analysis.

Speaking at a roundtable with the media recently, Sudhakar Ramakrishna, President and Chief Executive Officer of SolarWinds pointed out that customers have been amazed by how the company remains committed to providing them with the best solutions on the network and its ability to handle the situation.

“Obviously it is unfortunate that we were impacted by this incident. But if you look at it in positive terms, it has actually brought us much closer to our customers. Also, the way we handled the cyber incident and addressed it received a lot of commendations from customers. They all recognize that every customer is subjected to a breach especially if it comes from a nation-state attacker.

So ironically while it was a major incident, we’ve become closer to our customers and one of the improvements that we made as we went through this process is a framework that we call Secure by Design. As we have described our Secure by Design principles and implemented them in many ways, our software has become much more secure compared to the alternatives. This has given more motivation both to existing customers and new customers to adopt our technologies and trust us even more,” commented Ramakrishna.

Bringing the SolarWinds impact to APAC 


Sudhakar Ramakrishna
President and Chief Executive Officer, SolarWinds

The media roundtable also saw Ramakrishna share insights on the fundamental role the new SolarWinds platform plays in boosting Asia Pacific’s digital transformation goals and enabling organizations to achieve sustainable growth.

According to a report by IDC, at least 65% of Asia Pacific’s GDP is expected to be digitalized by the end of 2022. SolarWinds, during its roundtable, shared key insights on how SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability can help drive the region’s digital transformation plans and enable businesses to actively improve performance, availability, security, and digital experience across complex, diverse, and distributed hybrid and cloud environments.

“The extent of IT complexity organizations face is rising at an unprecedented scale as organizations in the Asia Pacific look to modernize their IT and business. Across the region, SolarWinds is helping our customers make this transformation leap,” said David Cronk, president of international sales and worldwide channels, SolarWinds.

This is where Hybrid Cloud Observability simplifies the transformation process through an integrated, comprehensive, and cost-effective full-stack solution designed to provide end-to-end oversight of service delivery and component dependencies across their ITOps, DevOps and security teams. The platform also equipped businesses with greater business agility by moving from a reactive to a proactive IT posture and becoming more productive and efficient.

 Cronk pointed out that the SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability enables organizations across all sizes and industries to gain rapid time to value, ensure service levels, accelerate issue resolution, and reduce alert fatigue and risk. He added that tech professionals can also gain single-pane-of-glass monitoring with actionable intelligence to expedite problem resolution and enable proactive management.

When it comes to integrating with solutions from other vendors, Ramakrishna added that SolarWinds intends to make solutions as simple as possible.

“Our heritage is delivering the simplest solutions in the marketplace which is the reason why we enjoy so much trust from our customers. The same will be true as we evolved to Observability be it with a single pane of glass for visibility or the integration across those dimensions,” explained Ramakrishna.

For Aravind Kurapati, senior director of sales, Asia, SolarWinds, as a leading network management software provider for over 20 years, SolarWinds is in a position of great competitive advantage to deliver a more streamlined approach to modernization and cloud migration initiatives.

“Our approach allows organizations of any size to see, understand and manage IT service delivery more holistically and cost-effectively as they embark on their observability journey,” said Kurapati.