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Acronis launches new Cyber Cloud data center in Malaysia

Malaysia continues to record increasing cyberattack cases. In 2022, the country recorded over 20,000 different cyberattacks, resulting in almost RM600 million in losses. Online frauds were found to be the most commonly reported cyber threat in the country with more than four thousand reports, followed by malicious codes. These statistics showcase the growing digital threats in Malaysia and the reality that cyber threats are a global issue.

With that said, there is a great need to increase cyber protection in the country. The government has already announced several measures to increase data protection for consumers as well as form bodies to deal with the increasing cyber scam cases in the country as well. This includes plans to merge the National Cyber Security Agency and CyberSecurity Malaysia towards forming a National Cybersecurity Commission.

The private sector is also working closely with numerous cybersecurity vendors to ensure their businesses are well-prepared to deal with any cyber threat. But improving cybersecurity is just one part of the solution. Businesses also need to ensure they have sufficient backup and disaster recovery solutions in place should they become victims of any cyber incident.

As such, Acronis has announced the availability of a new Cyber Cloud data center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This new addition to the company’s global network of Cyber Cloud data centers provides Acronis partners with access to a comprehensive range of cutting-edge cyber protection solutions, empowering them to create new services and offerings to manage their clients’ data protection needs more efficiently and effectively with faster access, continuous data availability, and the added benefit of data sovereignty.

Currently, Acronis’ global network of Cyber Cloud data centers includes more than fifty locations worldwide. Today’s announcement marks Acronis’ first Cyber Cloud data center presence in Malaysia. With the new Cyber Cloud data center, Acronis partners in Malaysia will have access to a full suite of cyber protection solutions and managed cloud solutions via the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform, with the added benefit of local data management and support from their service providers.

According to Pasha Ershow, Acronis SVP, APJ & MEA Sales and Global Channel, a local presence for Acronis is an absolute necessity for modern cloud businesses.

“Every new Acronis Cyber Cloud data center launch further enhances Acronis’ network of availability, enabling our customers to meet regulatory compliance and connectivity demands. With the addition of this data center, the Acronis Cyber Cloud data center network currently consists of 52 data centers and we will continue expanding our network to offer the most exceptional data protection solution available,” said Ershow.

Ershow also highlighted that Acronis has enjoyed tremendous business growth in the past two years, with 60% global growth in 2022 and APAC being the fastest-growing region, including 178% YoY in Malaysia. He added that Acronis’ innovative solutions are designed to increase global availability and cater to the needs of service providers and their partners.

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Pasha Ershow, Acronis SVP, APJ & MEA Sales and Global Channel addressing guests at the launch event.

For Chan Kee Siak, Founder and Group CEO of Exabytes, Acronis partners and customers in Malaysia can look forward to locally hosted cyber protection solutions in compliance with Malaysian data protection legislation while also benefiting from the full range of managed cloud solutions and cyber protection solutions available via the Acronis Cyber Cloud Platform.

“We live in times when the market is moving forward rapidly to cloud solutions and the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving. Taking control of one’s data has never been more important. Where data resides and ensuring information remains secure have become increasingly important to our partner communities,” added Chan.

During a panel session at the launch event, Krish Datta, CEO of Credence also pointed out that cloud adoption is still at the early stages in Malaysia. As more adoption is expected to happen, there is also the concern of increased complexities. This includes skills shortage as well as increased cybersecurity concerns.

The Acronis Cyber Cloud data centers are tailored to meet corporate and regulatory needs, enabling partners to exceed compliance, data sovereignty, and performance requirements. Acronis’ worldwide Cyber Cloud data centers adhere to the highest standards of physical security to restrict unauthorized physical access and protect the safety of customer data. The Malaysia Cyber Cloud data center’s standards and reports include ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI DSS, underscoring Acronis’ commitment to providing secure and reliable cyber protection solutions.

Purpose-built to provide organizations with the utmost levels of data availability, security, and safety for their critical data, applications, and systems, each facility features state-of-the-art as well as the best operational and security controls. The Acronis Cyber Cloud data centers also follow the approach of need plus one (N+1) for greater redundancy across all hardware layers of its infrastructure, minimizing risks and eliminating single points of failure. This ensures that customers can always rely on Acronis for resilient and robust cyber protection solutions.