It's all about the hybrid multi-cloud at Nutanix .NEXT

It’s all about the hybrid multi-cloud at Nutanix .NEXT

  • Nutanix unveiled groundbreaking cloud-related advancements, including Nutanix Central, unified data services, and Project Beacon.
  • Nutanix aims to broaden the universal cloud operating model for consistent execution of applications and data across various locations.

The hybrid multi-cloud has become essential for organizations of all sizes, enabling them to scale and optimize their environments. This model offers numerous benefits, including improved agility, cost savings, and enhanced security. According to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index, hybrid multi-cloud usage is anticipated to triple in just one year.

Introducing Nutanix Central for simplified management at .NEXT

Transitioning to a hybrid multi-cloud environment necessitates careful planning and addressing challenges upfront for a smoother, more effective transition. Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing, recently announced Nutanix Central at its .NEXT event. This cloud-delivered solution provides a single console for visibility and management across various infrastructures, eliminating silos and enabling consistent management of apps and data anywhere.

The Enterprise Cloud Index emphasizes that organizations struggle with managing multiple environments, leading to silos, costs, and security risks. A seamless hybrid multi-cloud experience demands a universal cloud operating model featuring consistent management and integrated security. Nutanix Central aims to simplify this management across various endpoints significantly.

Thomas Cornely, SVP of Product Management at Nutanix, stated that most enterprise customers currently face significant management challenges due to managing numerous applications across different environments. These challenges are expected to grow as hybrid multi-cloud deployments expand.

“With Nutanix Central, we will extend our hybrid multi-cloud platform to deliver a truly universal cloud operating model, including consistent management across public clouds, on-premises, hosted, and edge environments,” said Cornely.

Nutanix Central delivers unified management and reporting across private, public, and edge clouds from one location. Supporting multi-domain use cases like federated IAM and global fleet management enables IT teams to offer self-service infrastructure at scale while maintaining governance and security control.

Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes

Alongside Nutanix Central, the company announced new capabilities in the Nutanix Cloud Platform to enable customers to integrate data management for containerized and virtualized applications on-premises, on the public cloud, and at the edge. This includes comprehensive data services for Kubernetes applications and cross-cloud data mobility.

Thomas Cornely, SVP of Product Management at Nutanix, explained that nearly all enterprises use Kubernetes for their containerized applications, according to the Enterprise Cloud Index. IT teams must now find a way to provide developers with self-service data services while ensuring that governance and security policies are applied uniformly.

“By introducing Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes, the Nutanix Cloud Platform will extend storage provisioning, snapshots, and disaster recovery operations to Kubernetes applications, helping to accelerate containerized application development in the enterprise,” said Cornely.

Developers and administrators often face challenges with stateful Kubernetes applications. Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK) aims to provide control over cloud-native apps and data at scale. As part of Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), NDK will enhance Kubernetes with enterprise storage, snapshots, and disaster recovery, enabling self-service management for developers and visibility for IT. This also highlights the integration between Red Hat OpenShift and Nutanix Cloud Platform.

The company also introduced Multicloud Snapshot Technology (MST) for cross-cloud data mobility, starting with AWS S3 object storage service. MST enables hybrid multi-cloud data protection, recovery, and mobility, supporting use cases like disaster recovery, backup, cross-cloud migration, and data sharing. It helps manage costs by storing snapshots in a cost-effective medium and enabling easy recovery across any infrastructure.

Project Beacon: Revolutionizing data-centric platform as a service

Furthermore, the company announced Project Beacon, a multi-year initiative to deliver a portfolio of data-centric Platform as a Service (PaaS) level services available natively anywhere, including on Nutanix or the native public cloud. With a vision to decouple applications and their data from the underlying infrastructure, Project Beacon aims to enable developers to build applications once and run them anywhere.

“Project Beacon is our vision for enabling developers to write applications once and run them anywhere by delivering data-centric PaaS level services that are no longer tied to a single infrastructure provider,” commented Rajiv Ramaswami, President & CEO at Nutanix. “We hope to enable enterprises to fully embrace the benefits of hybrid multi-cloud, not only at the infrastructure layer but also at the application data layer.”

It's all about the hybrid multi-cloud at Nutanix .NEXT

Nutanix Cloud Platform (Source – Nutanix)

Project Beacon aims to offer data-centric platform services with a single API, console, Kubernetes integration, and consistent management. This suite provides simplified management, automated mobility, portable licensing, and built-in security. Developers gain access to PaaS services across environments, while operations teams retain control over data governance and protection.

According to Matt Hicks, President and Chief Executive Officer, Red Hat, as the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, Red Hat OpenShift helps customers build, deploy, and manage any application, anywhere.

“With Project Beacon, Nutanix will build on our mission with a vision of data-centric platform services delivered consistently, anywhere, further extending customer choice on Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud platforms with Nutanix’s advanced data services,” added Hicks.

Nutanix’s announcements, such as Nutanix Central, Data Services for Kubernetes, MST, and Project Beacon, aim to improve the hybrid multi-cloud experience. These solutions offer consistent management, enhanced security, and seamless data mobility, enabling enterprises to capitalize on hybrid multi-cloud benefits. Nutanix addresses IT and developer challenges, fostering innovation in the ever-evolving hybrid multi-cloud domain.