NVIDIA and ServiceNow collaborate to revolutionize enterprises with generative AI

NVIDIA and ServiceNow collaborate to revolutionize enterprises with generative AI

  • Utilizing the ServiceNow Platform, NVIDIA AI Software, and DGX Infrastructure, custom large language models are being developed to introduce smart workflow automation to enterprises.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA are partnering to develop powerful, enterprise-grade generative AI capabilities designed to transform business processes through faster, more intelligent workflow automation.

The importance of generative AI is escalating in the corporate sphere. An Accenture survey reveals that 98% of global executives foresee AI foundational models significantly impacting their businesses in the next 3-5 years, prompting many to explore these technologies for potential gains.

However, a hurdle exists in implementing generative AI within enterprises. While such AI models are proficient in learning from public data, they don’t have access to enterprise-specific data. This means they can’t address company-specific queries, like setting up a VPN or explaining employee benefits.

Rama Akkiraju, NVIDIA’s Vice President of AI for IT, asserts that incorporating enterprise data into these models is essential for answering such questions. “To effectively implement generative AI in enterprises, we must customize these language models to comprehend the vocabulary and language specific to the enterprise. In addition, we need to teach these models the specific skills of the enterprise so they can provide factual responses pertinent to the company’s domain, within the appropriate guardrails,” she explained.

NVIDIA and ServiceNow working with generative AI

ServiceNow is crafting custom large language models using NVIDIA’s software, services, and accelerated infrastructure. These models are trained on data specifically for the ServiceNow Platform, a smart platform designed for comprehensive digital transformation.

The result of this partnership will expand ServiceNow’s existing AI capabilities. Incorporating generative AI applications will benefit IT departments, customer service teams, employees, and developers, reinforcing workflow automation and expediting productivity.

ServiceNow is further aiding NVIDIA in optimizing its IT operations through these generative AI tools. ServiceNow uses NVIDIA data to customize NVIDIA NeMo foundation models. These models operate on a hybrid-cloud infrastructure that includes NVIDIA DGX Cloud and on-site NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD AI supercomputers.

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, describes IT as the nervous system of every modern enterprise across all industries. “Our collaboration to build super-specialized generative AI for enterprises will boost the capability and productivity of IT professionals worldwide using the ServiceNow platform,” he added.

Exploring the use cases

In the realm of enterprise, particularly in the IT domain, IT system management typically splits into two areas. One encompasses IT service management, where employees ask service desk agents questions about VPN access, benefits, laptop replacement, or ordering peripherals. The other area, IT operations management, is centered around ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the organization’s IT systems, detecting, diagnosing, and preventing IT outage incidents.

Generative AI can substantially influence both IT service management and IT operations management. Applications of generative AI include ticket summarization, where summarizing IT tickets raised by employees enables service agents to resolve similar issues more effectively in the future.

Another application, semantic search, is commonly used by employees to find various information online. Generative AI technology can yield more relevant and timely results in this regard. Other applications include auto-routing of tickets, automatic resolution of issues, predicting incident severity, analyzing root causes, and documenting the steps to resolve them. This information can prove invaluable for identifying and addressing similar incidents in the future.

These use cases demonstrate that generative AI can significantly benefit the IT domain.

ServiceNow, in its pursuit of advancing generative AI, is leveraging NVIDIA AI Foundations cloud services and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, encompassing the NVIDIA NeMo framework.

The NeMo framework includes a suite of tools designed to support developers in constructing, customizing, and deploying language models suitable for enterprise applications. It comprises prompt tuning, supervised fine-tuning, and knowledge retrieval tools. The framework also integrates NeMo Guardrails software, allowing developers to readily enhance AI chatbots with contextual, safety, and security features.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA’s partnership extends to sharing NVIDIA’s IT data. “This collaboration paves the way for us to explore numerous use cases. Once the models are vetted and proven after the research and development stage, they can be incorporated into the ServiceNow platform,” explains Akkiraju.